As CISO, Shawn works inter-departmentally to oversee the company’s security health, implement and mature our information security program, and help protect from various security threats.

Since joining FSET in 2020, Shawn has been assisting with the maturation of the company’s Security Assurance Program in accordance with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security’s ITSG-33 framework. When not focusing on policy and compliance, Shawn spends most of his time monitoring FSET’s servers and solutions to help ensure that sensitive customer information and data centres are kept safe and secure. Shawn also works with the team’s other system administrators to deepen their visibility into the company’s security posture, setting the stage for a multi-tiered approach and enhanced level of threat protection.

With over 25 years of experience in system design and security, Shawn feels very much at home with FSET thanks to the company’s focus on assisting organizations and enterprises that require sensitive information to be protected. In addition to having a Diploma in Computer Engineering from Sault College, Shawn is a certified Netware CNE and holds various certifications with Cisco, Citrix, HP, CompTIA, Microsoft and ITIL.

Born, raised in, and working out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Shawn enjoys woodworking in his spare time, as well as going for bike rides and fiddling around with a guitar. Shawn also likes riding ATVs and the occasional RV trip, if the weather permits