As CIO, Al ensures FSET stays ahead of the technological curve by developing and integrating new policies and procedures to keep the rest of the team at the top of their game. For Al, improvement is paramount, and whether it’s for the company or a client, he’ll happily lend his expertise to enhance the efficiency of others.

Al is an FSET veteran dating back to January 2006, when he joined the company as on of its first employees and began his deep, ongoing dive into the world of law enforcement information technology (LEIT). Working closely with a local police force for over a decade, Al began lending his technical knowledge to support the creation of the patented Private Community Cloud for Law Enforcement (PCCLE) environment and FSET’s #MobilityFirst initiative. Both of which were developed based on a longstanding goal of bringing the office to the officer in the field and empowering law enforcement through technological innovation. With VMware Certified Professional 6, MSCA: Office 365, and several additional high-level credentials under his belt, Al continues to shape unique solutions and guide policy development to help police better serve their communities.

Born and raised in Kenora, Ontario, Al now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his wife and son. By and large, Al enjoys being a tourist in his own province, and when he’s not sightseeing with binoculars, he also likes spending time on golf courses and coaching little league hockey.